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Entry #1

Hiya NG world.

2007-08-06 00:57:05 by Vexx88

Ive been here since Nov 21 2005 and I love the NG layouts and stuff. Hiya everyone (if anyone sees this.)


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2007-11-03 21:19:45

I saw this :p
Heya and I think I've been here since around 2005 too.

Vexx88 responds:

Lol well thanks for being the first one to comment


2008-10-03 18:57:35

Ha ha ha, Konata. That's a nice profile pic.

Vexx88 responds:

Why thank you xD


2008-10-10 01:52:44

i also saw this. hello ^_^

Vexx88 responds:

Hi =D